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  •  Larger spruce trees are in ready-to-plant burlap wrapped cages.
  • Smaller trees are sold in 2 to 20 gallon pots. 
  • Cedars are sold as bare root stock and in burlap.
  • We also have container trees for sale that are perfect for the balcony or  deck.

Fal 2017
Eastern White Cedars are now for sale.
We are just 45 mins from Toronto.
Our tree sales include both coniferous evergreens and non-coniferous evergreens as well as a selection of hardwood and fruit trees.

These trees are excellent for shade, privacy screening, windbreaks, dust barriers or as a specimen planting in your landscape.  Trees will range in color from silvery blue green to dark green at maturity and have a very long life-span.

We are always happy to give  customers planting advice, help with a landscape project or instructions for care of the trees.

Contact Kentucky Mountain Acres today to learn more about our evergreen trees or schedule an appointment to visit our tree farm.  

Trees need to be fertilized in early spring to give them a kick start, and they don't want to be fertilized after the end of August.

When is the best time to plant a cedar tree hedge?

Spring is a great time to plant trees also the fall is one of the best times to plant your cedar privacy hedge.
As the fall approaches us the soil in the ground starts to stay moist for a longer part of the day, also the morning dew provides moisture to our hedges and trees.

(Coniferous and Non-Coniferous Varieties)
Colorado Blue Spruce 2 to 6 feet
White Cedars 4 to 8 feet
White Pine 3-4 feet
Norway Spruce 2 to 6 feet
White Spruce 2 to 4 feet

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